The Camp Grant Museum
The Command Post Restaurant houses the Camp Grant Museum. The Museum strives to preserve some of Rockford’s local history. The Building was the first of three fire stations at the camp and later the Induction and muster out center for Camp Grant during the World War II.

Camp Grant Meeting Nights
Next meeting night is September 17th starting at 7:00p.m  The Command Post will be serving dinner from 5:00p.m. to 7:00p.m. Bring a friend or the family.

Photos and History
Camp Grant was actually two camps. The first, built in 1917 and dismantled in 1921. The Illinois National Guard occupied the grounds from 1924 to 1935. The camp was rebuilt in 1940 at a  cost of  9 million. Most of the buildings that you see in the 1917-1920 photos were gone by 1940,

World War I

World War I

The Command Post Restaurant
1004 Samuelson Rd
Rockford, Illinois 61109

Take a look at the Command Post

Tuesday thru Friday – 7am to 2pm
Saturday – 7am to 1pm
Special Hours booked by appointment
Please call and book reservations for groups above 15


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2010 WWII Days – Rockford, IL

The largest World War II-era re-enactment in the United States with more than 1200 uniformed re-enactors.